We manufacture two types of leather belts - Those to fit the buckles in our 'Belt Buckle' section, and normal trouser belts with a buckle already attatched. All our belts are 100% genuine leather. We do not sell 'leather lined' belts (where a thin layer of leather is stitched to a man made material)




These come in 3 different widths; 1", 1 1/4" , and 1 1/2"  and are available in either Black or Brown.

The belts are sized from            Small  (26" - 28" waist)

                                                Medium (30" -32" waist)

                                                Large (34" - 36" waist)

                                                XL (38" - 40" waist)

                                                XXL (42" - 44" waist)

                                               XXXL (46" waist)

                                               XXXXL (48" waist) 

                                       to     XXXXXL (50" waist)


HANDY TIP:  When ordering belts, if you are unnsure of your size or are border line between two sizes, it is better to choose the next size up to ensure the belt fits. 



These belts are 1 1/2" (38mm) in width and are available in Black or Brown. They are again sized from Small to XXXXXL. You can attatch any of the buckles from our Buckle pages to these belts via 2 press studs. This means that the buckles are interchangable.




(See our belt online shop page to order your free belt)



Our press studded belts have press studs at the buckle end which snap open and closed, and are designed to fit any of the buckles in our online shop. The buckles are then interchangeable - This allows you to personalise your belt with your choice of buckle to go with it. You decide which buckle is right for your mood!

Here is our guide on "How to attach your belt buckle to your belt."



First, lay out your belt and belt buckle next to each other. Turn the buckle and belt around and lay face down with the buckle's metal loop facing to the left and the belt strap facing to the right.



Open the press studs and slide the belt through the metal loop of the buckle.



Snap close the press studs making sure the leather loop is located between the press studs.



Put your belt buckle and belt on - the tongue end of the belt feeds through the metal loop of the buckle, and the buckle pin locates into one of the holes. Finally, tidy up the loose end of the belt by tucking it through the leather loop.

Now you are ready to go!

You can build up a collection of different straps and buckles so that you always have the right belt for any situation.